BIM Last Mile Connect

BLMConnect offers new way to bring together currectly disconnected clusters of end-users like prospective-clients, buyers, consultants and contractor, using power of Autodesk® BIM 360® and other cloud technologies.



Make interactive 3D Guided-Tours engage target audience like never before

Make interactive 3D Guided-Tours to engage prospects like never before

Integrate with social media & marketing processes

In-built lead generation system

Serve buyers better with support for customization request

Collaboration tools to manage various agencies and contractors

Architects, Interiors and professionals

Showcase your completed project and key highlights of your work

Gain insights into what get traction in your target audience with analytics

Make your client a partner in designing

Monitor and manage various on going project from single portal

Build 3D Resumes highlighting best of your skills


Get involved with your buildings like never before

Collaborate for your customization request with your builder/interior

Bring all consultants on one page with controlled shared access

Get access to designs early on in the process and save your precious time

Easily retrieve building details at the time of maintenance or property enhancement

Benefits of Cloud

Accessible from anywhere, anytime. Bring your agencies, consultants, marketers and customer on single platform

You are in control

Manage who can access what and how much. Your professional data resides in your Autodesk® accounts

Lead the industry

Make use of technological advancements to make your processes more human friendly and efficient

Feature Highlights

Connect your Autodesk account

BLMConnect fits right in your current processes. Your data stays in secured web servers.


Invite co-workers & agencies, designate working folders, add models to collaborate for your projects


Empower your marketing to create 3D guided-tours and more for your upcoming projects


Gain insights into your target audience likings

Lead generation

Inbuilt lead generation lets you organically gather sales leads from interested customers

Task management

Integrated task management allows for rich collaboration with your buyers right within

But, let's talk stories!

Here are your fictional characters. Named in memory of some of our heros.

Bose, the Builder

Successful builder, launchs real estate project in corporate, residential and other domains
Spends significant time and energy in marketing and offering value addition to customers.

Einstein, the engineer

Chief engineer working with the builder
Head teams that handle various agencies and customers.

Curie, the client

A real estate investor. Buys property regularly for her own usage as well as for renting out

Isaac, the independent interior

Run a successful interior decoration agency
He typically gets involved once the builder hand over the property to the client

Bose's marketing gets more effective

Bose:We want to generate more sales, quicker.

Marketer:We know more the prospect engage in our marketing more sales lead we generate

Bose:True, did you check what BLMConnect has to offer?

Marketer:Yes, last week we did a test-run and analyzied visitor's time spent on site amoung other parameters. The numbers are very promising, aggregate engagement and memory retention is 4-5 times higher than our regular collaterals. User's seems to be enjoying checking our guided-tour while they can freely navigate through 3d model for themselves!

Bose:Great, lets do it then?

Curie conveys her wish for courtyard shades

Curie fetches her iPad while having breakfast with her family

With 3 clicks in BLMConnect she had her mode of the farmhouse being built

Curie marks area of the courtyard where she wants wooden shade, add customization tasks and assign it to her account manager from builder's office

Account Manager responseSure! Noted. Enjoy your Sunday ma'am.

Curie (thinks to herself):I just did something which would've taken half of my day, thanks to technology. I can now spend my Sunday with the family!

Inviting Builders and Architects

We'd love to hear what are your thoughts and opinions so we can serve you better

paid annually

  • 5 Workspaces
  • 1 Portfolio
  • 3 Active buyers
  • Third-party connections
  • Analytics
  • Support
paid annually

  • Everything in Professional
  • 20 Workspaces
  • 3 Portfolio
  • 10 Active buyers
  • Custom Domains
  • Support
paid annually

  • Everything in Business
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Unlimited Portfolio
  • Unlimited Active buyers
  • Priority Support
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one time cost

  • Dedicated hosting
  • Tailored features + workflows
  • Integration with other software
Limited time offer
Early Adaptors
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Free for first year

  • Everything in Ultimate plan
  • Influence product

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